Quantified Self Vienna – Show & Tell #5

After nearly one year of Quantified Self Austria, our 6th Viennese Meetup, and our 5th Show & Tell at the IBM client center, was amazing. With talks of Chris Dancy and our QS Vienna member Christoph Fabienek, the over 50 people who attended our event could see the future of the Quantified Self, but as well understand the challenges related to data privacy. Chris also pre-announced, a new build of Existence http:/
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Quantified Self Show & Tell #4 – Preview

Welcome to our first preview organised by the Quantified Self Austria network. We just released our website, where next to giving you all updates on our meet ups, activities and projects that our members initiated. In a series of short interviews we want to provide you with more background information of the speakers that present on our Show & Tell events. As to kick-off this series, we have the honour to have Ni
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